Shell Oil walks away from CO’s last free flowing river….

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hance rapidIn Moffat County earlier this week, Shell Oil walked away from it’s quest for water rights from the Yampa River, to develop oil shale production.  It’s reasoning – the economic downturn!

Although the company has walked away, it has left open the possibility to return for the water rights in the future.  Shell was seeking a conditional water right to take roughly 8% of the Yampa’s water flow during April-June and pump it into a new reservoir holding about 15 billion gallons of Yampa water.  This diversion would have taken place along a four-mile stretch of class IV and V rapids upstream from Dinosaur National Monument.

What are your thoughts on companies transplanting much needed water from Colorado’s rivers and streams?  Feel free to start a dialog below.  Or feel free to email me at -I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

To read the full article as provided within the Sky Hi Daily News click here.

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