Backpack & School Supplies Drive!

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The 2010/11 school year is upon us and the Grand County Board of Realtors is again heading the annual backpack and school supplies drive for the Mountain Family Center!

I will be collecting back packs, supplies and monetary donations until August 18th for the upcoming school year.

You are welcome to drop off your donations at the Century 21 – Winter Park Real Estate location or contact me and I am happy to swing by and pick them up as well.

If you are interested in donating cash or checks you can make them out to me and I’ll purchase any last minute items needed. I’m working on partnering with Alco and City Market to keep the business local.

I’ve attached a complete list of the supplies needed this year for your review. For the high school kids, the one thing they always need is 3 ring notebooks at least 2-inches, pen/pencils, highlighter, loose leaf notebook paper, not spiral – teachers hate the mess they make, and note cards.

Thanks in advance for your support – I know the kids appreciate everything you do to get them started off on track for the year!!

Yours, Monica

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