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Response for:Jim & Susy Halloran
Completed:2/26/2011 5:36 PM MST


1Recently you had a closing with RE/MAX Peak to Peak Realtor representation by Monica D. Anderson – GRI, SFR.  Were you the seller or buyer for this real estate transaction?
2Please rate Monica D. Anderson – GRI, SFR on her specific characteristics displayed throughout your transaction:
Highly UnsatisfiedAverageHigh Level of Competency and Service
Local Grand County KnowledgeAscending
Process ExpertiseAscending
Negotiation SkillsAscending
Satisfaction of Service ProvidedAscending
Comment:Monica was absolutely fantastic. She was a refreshing, highly qualified realtor who did not pressure but was always just great to be with. She seemed happy to help us find just the right place…and we did. Monica has great people skills, communicates in a direct fashion, and is just darn fun to be with on top of it all!


3How likely would you be to recommend Monica D. Anderson – GRI, SFR to a friend or colleague?
Very unlikelySomewhat unlikelyNeutralSomewhat likelyVery likely
Comment:I have already made 4 recommendations. 🙂 Hopefully someone will go for it!


4How likely would you be to use RE/MAX Brokerage services again in the future?
Highly dissatisfiedSomewhat dissatisfiedNeutralSomewhat satisfiedHighly satisfied


5Please provide a brief summary of the service Monica D. Anderson – GRI, SFR provided.  Do you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback that you would like to relay that may help Monica improve her service for future clients?
I was on Monica’s mailing list which I usually hate…but her communications were open and not pushy. Monica was flexible and willing to let us research places in Grand County, and then drove us all over the place! She did that with a smile and a chuckle. Monica worked hard, and was very flexible. Monica was a great advocate for us in negotiating the loan process with a difficult individual. She also was able to give us direct, frank advice all through the process of home buying. Monica is the bomb. (well, she did get sick one day!…kidding).
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