For Sellers

Put me to work for you!

Interested in selling your home, condo, vacant land, or business in Grand County?  Put me to work for you!  I’m determined to invest all of my energy into getting you the best possible price for your property within the current ‘unpredictable’ market.

Here are a few helpful tips for all sellers to get you off on the right foot when deciding to list your home:

◊ First and foremost, price your property right! How discouraging it is for sellers to list their property only to have it sit on the market for months and get stale.  A good Realtor will give you a range of prices between High, Low, and Average to list your home.  It is up to you the seller to decide how motivated you are to get it sold.

Price your property too high, and it will sit on the market with little to no showings until the price is readjusted to reflect a more appropriate value within your market.  Price it too low, or below the current market value, and you could potentially raise a bidding war between buyers.  Most of the time you may actually go under contract for a price above your anticipated bottom line.

Pricing is KEY and pricing it correctly within your current market will lead to a swift sale!

◊ Second, stage your home properly! Yes that’s right sellers.  It’s up to you to improve the ‘curb appeal’ of your property.  Curb appeal is how your house appears to people driving by or as they approach your property.  Are your shrubs manicured?  Weeds whacked?  Shingles, paint, siding up to par?  It’s critical to make a good first impression.  This could be the difference between a buyer overlooking the negatives a property may have on the exterior and getting them to walk in the door to find their diamond in the rough.

◊ Third, trust your Realtor! Realtors are professional real estate specialists that adhere to a strict code of ethics and are expected to maintain a higher level of knowledge about the process of buying and selling real estate.  You can expect your Realtor to keep you apprised of current market trends, standards, prices, financing, terms & conditions for comparable and competing properties within your market and price range.  These are key factors in getting your property sold swiftly at the best price possible and with minimal hassle to you as the seller.

Are you interested in selling property in Grand County?  Contact Monica today for a free Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) – call (970) 531-9680 or email