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90 Ways to Sell Your Home

90 Ways to Sell Your Home

The same is true for real property.  In order to compete effectively with other sellers, homeowners must present their homes to the marketplace in an attractive, desirable condition.  When you bought your home you probably comparison shopped. Well, Buyers are still doing that today!  According to the National Association of Realtors, the average purchaser looks at 10 to 20 properties prior to purchasing a home.  Regardless of how many properties are on the market, available buyers will always seek the best priced property that is in the best condition.

1 – Think Like a Buyer!

You’re not just selling a house.  Your selling a shelter, lifestyle, and DREAMS!  People always want the best for themselves and your home should represent the buyers answer to this goal.  Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes!  Remember, they arrive at your front door wanting to find the right home.  Don’t make them search somewhere else for it.  If you have done your homework, every room in your home will create the desire for the buyer to stay!

2 – Start Making a List!

Walk outside and take a look at the property through a critical yes of a buyer.  Is there anything that needs repairing, looks worn, or is outdated?  Start writing these items down on your list.  Walk through the interior and do the same things.  Ask for the assistance of everyone in your family.  After all, a shorter sales time will benefit everyone in your family!

3 – Do Everything Before Putting your Home on the Market!

Complete all of your repairs, improvements, and enhancements prior to your first showing.  Remember, your best showings come early in the listing period.  BE READY!!

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